Eternal Light Guardian Angel

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From protecting you and giving you guidance your Guardian Angel is in Heaven is watching over you. The Eternal Light Angel is a reminder of that protection and a beautiful reminder of what is most important.

At the cemetery the Eternal Light Angel watches over and protects your departed loved one's plot. It's a symbol that they are in Heaven in the presence of Almighty God. Everyday they are guiding you and protecting you until you are reunited together in Heaven. At night the Angel will automatically illuminate your loved one's resting place with a comforting light. You will be able to easily point out your loved one's plot from the road.

You will also find so much comfort in having the Eternal Light Angel at home in your garden, back yard, or by the patio as a daily reminder that your Guardian Angel is always watching over you. 

At home the Eternal Light Angel is also a unique testament of your faith and a sign that you are committed to letting your light shine for the whole world to see.

Don't forget the Eternal Light Angel also makes the perfect gift!

Ever-lasting Light

Powered by God’s sunlight and low-consumption batteries, the cross charges during the day to reveal brilliant light once the sun sets. No wiring or maintenance upkeep required.


Built For Life

Durable acrylic resists all weather conditions, regardless of climate. UV resistance also protects from fading and cracking with long hours in the sun. An optional lifetime warranty can ensure your cross is protected from accidents as well.


Good For Any Occasion

It’s the perfect addition to yours or a loved one’s garden, yard or plot. Also makes an ideal gift for the spiritual ones in your life. 


 14" tall x 10" wide

Attachable Mounting Spike Included

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